MegaMAX Lowbed Loader Trailer

Low Deck - 350 mm High

In addition to our comprehensive fleet of specialised low loaders,
Beamish Heavy Haulage is introducing the first Low-Loader in Australia with the LOWEST deck height.
Meeting customer demand, we offer flexible fleet options to transport over-dimensional loads in a safe and efficient manner.
This European super low double drop low loader offers an ideal heavy haulage solution to transport tall loads.

Features of our new Low-Loader are;

  • Deck height is just 350 mm off the ground with a double extendable deck reaching out to 16.8 metres of deck space
  • Adjustable deck height to clear low door heights, bridges, low wires, negotiate roundabouts and speed humps
  • Automatic rear steer with additional remote control steering override. Unmatched manoeuvrability allows access in tight areas
  • Detachable front goose-neck for ease of loading of rolling machinery
  • So what does this mean for our valued clients?
  • Due to Melbourne’s unique height restrictions of 4.3 metres in the city of Melbourne due to overhead tram wires, our low-loader can transport tall loads with ease
  • Perfect for over-dimensional loads such as portable buildings, machinery, vessels and engineered equipment
  • With a detachable goose-neck this low-loader is ideal for trains and trams to roll on and roll off the trailer


Here are some of the items we can transport with as part of our low loader services:-

Concrete Panels
Furnaces & Ovens
Current Transformers
Engineering Machinery