Order Tips

When ordering transport for uncommon loads, you will need to provide information on the dimensions of the load to be transported. “Load” meaning the item to be transported in its lowest, narrowest, shortest configuration for transport, so the most suitable type of truck/trailer combination can be used to safely and efficiently transport the load.
( Measurements from drawings are not always accurate as many modifications are not always shown. Please take the time to measure the item to be transported)
The following information needs to be provided when ordering transport.
The loads overall width.
The loads overall height.
The loads overall length.
The loads overall weight.
The load must be capable of withstanding all types of weather, including rain and high wind speeds,without causing damage or falling apart.
If the load needs any special handling, securing or lashing.
All doors, hatches, covers, windows and any loose parts of the load is to be secured to withstand the forces of transport prior to loading.
The Load also needs to be environmentally friendly with no smoke, noise, oil, dust, dirt, mud or chemicals discharging to the atmosphere or ground.
The person ordering transport needs to know the exact place and time the transport is required, so an agreed time can be arranged for pickup and delivery.
For pickup and delivery please quote the street directory map reference (e.g. Melway ™ 63-B-8 ).
Some common loads of machinery, quote the make and model and type of machine being transported including any extra accessories
(e.g. Caterpillar ™ D8L Bulldozer including “U” blade, ripper and rops cabin)